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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Have a sweet New Year!

From our family.... to yours!

In case you were wondering, our family now includes this cute little stuffed dog, who I got at Build a Bear for my birthday. Her name is Clarissa Doggie, and she's basically an estrogen explosion.

Note the close-up:

We tried the same dress on a stuffed woolly mammoth, but it just didn't suit. Too much hair.

See what I mean?

But I digress. In other news, tonight is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. A few things on my mind this time of year:

1. Sweet things. Challah with cinnamon sugar, cranberry crunch and rhubarb crumble, apples and honey tarts and madelbrot (an old Yiddish version of biscotti that other people sometimes find boring and I find awesome), oatmeal cookies and brownies and more.

2. New things. It's a custom to try a new food on rosh Hashana. Unfortunately, I just remembered this custom, which means that my poor husband will probably spend 2 hours tomorrow trying to find a pomegranate and/or starfruit and miss his shower. Oy.

3. Growth. The Jewish new year is like tax day for the soul--how have I been doing? Am I in the red or the black? Am I better person than I was last year? How can I be better next year? I am humbled by realizing all the areas where I need to grow, but gratified that I HAVE changed certain aspects of myself for the better.

4. Change. Every year at this time, I marvel at everything that's changed since I last stood before G-d listening to the shofar. In 2007, I prayed for clarity, as I held onto a dying relationship like a raft. And in 2008, I prayed for my upcoming marriage to a different man, who gave me all the things I had been missing.

Since I don't use the computer on the holiday (which goes from Wednesday at sundown to Saturday night), I'm going to fall off the face of the earth for a while, but I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. praying for many of God's blessings upon you and your husband this new year. xo

  2. Happy New Year, Keshka! I hope you have a fantastic holiday with your family. Enjoy all those sweet things. You've made my mouth water!

  3. love your reflections as you enter the new year! (and i definitely see a scrap page in the making :))

  4. Happy New Year to you. I love your #1 because food is always good, and #3 recognizing personal growth is always satisfying and rewarding! Love your LO too!!

  5. Happy New Year Keshet! Enjoy your feast and your family!!

  6. Enjoy your holiday Keshet! Love the reflections for the new year!

  7. Happy New Year! I really hope you share some recipes in the near future for some of the foods mentioned in this post. Sounds yummy! And your stuffed animal is soooo cute! I just love a good estrogen explosion.;-)

  8. Happy Rosh Hashana to you!!! Enjoy your time "away" from the internet...and all the yummy food! ;)

  9. Happy Rosh Hashana to you and your family.
    Your layout is adorable so is your bear.

    Love your yearly lookout on your life.

  10. Happy Rosh Hashana! (Is that a real saying?) LOVE that cute little fuzzy. Your layout is fantastic as always.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  11. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  12. Happy New Year! An tax day for the soul?! Love that! You have such a great way with words.

  13. Great post. I LOVE hearing about your customs & holidays. Very inspirational!

  14. Love the design of your page Keshet and Happy New Year (yeah I know I'm late....).


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