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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scrappy Sunday--coming in under the wire!

I spent this Sunday trying to get back in my normal routine, with limited success. I also engaged in a little bit of self-torture infertility style, i.e. the maternity and baby sections of Target. I even found a little black and white polka dot ruffled onesie that was simply too cruel:) I was trying to think of little girls to send it to!

And in just a few moments, I will get back to scrapping--it's been over a week, what with the holiday itself and all the prep beforehand. I received my gorgeous September Studio Calico kit, Back 40, and I'm raring to start cutting and pasting!

But before I go lose myself in a sea of paper scraps, here are some pages I haven't posted yet using SC's August kit, Summer Camp.

This one is pretty much a fusion of Jen Johner and Maggie Holmes in my head:
When S and I first met, he didn't read so often, while I DEVOUR books. I go to the library, take out 20 or so 14 day books, read like a madwoman to get through them before the deadline, and do it again. Love love love books.

So after almost 2 years being married to a reading freak like me, S has started to dip into books a little more. When I found this photo of him concentrating on his book, it made me think about how much we influence each other in relationships. It's a funny thing.

Are there any traits someone else had that rubbed off on you? Or vice versa?

And finally, an ode to the Boston Duck tours. If you've never taken these, it's a tour involving a car that turns into a boat! I found this very exciting, although the actual descent into water was somewhat anticlimactic--I expected a bigger splash myself:)

What are YOU up to this week? What scrapbooking projects are on your desk?

Also, I love finding new blogs, so if you're a reader and have your own blog, please leave a link!


  1. the duck tour! yeah! how fun is that??? haha....oh the memories.

    i love that you rubbed off on him in a good way. my scrubster won't read to save his life. so infuriating. i even tried to get him books in his genre but to no avail. i love how you used the hambly rubon with the embellishment accent!

  2. Love the idea of a layout about traits/hobbies "rubbing off" on your spouse. I will need to think of ideas for myself! Great layouts! Love the new blog too (appears to have a new header! LOVE LOVE it!!!).

  3. Keshet! Awesome new header, girl! And the layouts?! Fantastic! Love the "I've rubbed off on you" title and the "Duck Tour" layout is perfect in every way! Can't wait to see what you do with Back 40. We've been ripping out our kitchen for two days now, so no scrappiness to discuss. =(

  4. AMAZING new header, did you do it yourself?
    Sweet layouts, the duck tour looks like fun!!!

  5. So cool how we influence our significant others! love the pages!

  6. Awesome as always! Lovin the new header too!

  7. We did a Duck Tour in Maine and it was so much fun!! LOVE the new LO's!! Awesome:)

  8. From one bibliophile to another- love the new header! I know my husband reads the paper now because of me, hehe. And I love Lord of the Rings because of him. :)

  9. Love the white space and wonderful colours and elements! Great pages!

  10. if ONLY i can get mine to read as well... *sigh* :))

  11. Thought I was on the wrong blog, cute header.
    I am an avid reader, my hubby didn't even read the books assigned to him in school. But for the last few years he has been reading alot. Even though it is about war and thier leaders lol. But hey your hubby catches on faster then mine we have been married 22 yrs LOL

  12. Hey girl! Did you see this yet?

    :) Congrats!

  13. Hi! I've just come here via the Sketchy Thursdays blog, congrats on your place on the DT!

    I love your pages. Well done for managing to get your man to read, I am a book lover too but all I've managed to get hubby to read is Harry Potter!

    I've just become a follower as I love your blog and I'll look forward to seeing your pages for ST. If you want to stop by my blog to say hi then here's the link:


  14. Congrats on the Sketchy Thursday DT, I always mean to do the challenge and post, so maybe I will now that I know a DT member! Woot, woot!

  15. Congrats in the Sketchy Thursday gig. You more than deserve it. I love your layout, "i've rubbed off on you" my husband and I have had similar experiences :) hope you had a great holiday!

  16. I love what you did with Summer Camp! Both layouts are gorgeous, but I particularly love the second one (I've always wanted to do one of those tours!). I'm still waiting for Back 40...I can't wait to start using it! Love the blog header btw :)


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