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Monday, April 30, 2012

Project Life: The Stuff

Project Life has been coming along for me, although I have gotten behind (only one week behind now! Woohoo!) I don't love feeling "behind" in scrapbooking, but I do love having a record of the little things we do each week. Jury's out on Project Life until the end of the year, I think:)

But in the meantime, I do want to share the things I use on each Project Life spread. In the interests of convenience, I've been using the Design A page protecters for each week, along with the Clementine kit (I mostly use the journaling cards).

For each spread I create a "title card" and use this fun Smash rolly stamp:

And then I use tons of label stickers as captions for the photos:

I also love to add fun bits of washi tape:

And staples from my beloved Tiny Attacher!  (I'm generally not a tool person, but you need this one--trust me.)

Here's an example of a weekly page (I only do one side--keeping it simple, folks!)

And sometimes I like to mix it up with atypical embellishments. I was feeling nostalgic about E's moving up a size (goodbye, newborn ensembles--sniff sniff!) so I took a bunch of her tags and added some confetti and sewed them into a page protecter.  It adds something different and some color and I love it!

So there you have it--my Project Life as of right now. Do YOU get that "behind" feeling from PL? If so, how do you shake it?


  1. I love the idea of saving those tags, Keshet! Genius. Miss just turned two got her new school uniform yesterday in size three! Eek! I think one page a week with a new baby is a great effort!

  2. I still have to finish December of 2011 of PL. I will get to it--at some point! All my photos are saved! So, really, I am not behind, I know exactly where they go! : ) Just enjoy this time, don't stress. You are doing great!

  3. I am not doing PL but I love looking at all the bits you guys are playing with to make your pages. That blue dot tape looks super fun.

  4. Love the colours in your layout, and CONGRATULATIONS on the house! What an exciting time for you and your family!

  5. 3 months!!! So little!!! :)
    It's looking great...way to be caught up! I am FAR from caught up!

  6. oh keshet, i love your page! your little girl is darling!!

  7. I like your take on PL--it's fun and playful!

  8. Cute use of the tags. And, Congratulations!!!!! on the house. That is super big news.

  9. Keshet, until yesterday I was three weeks behind! My dog passed away on March 30 and I absolutely could not bring myself to PL after that. I didn't want to write about him in the past tense, to have weeks of PL without him in it. :(

    Anyway, I knew that it was important to continue wiht PL, so I finally got through it, and as of yesterday I am caught up. I feel so relieved. Yet, I also feel stressed that I made myself a bit crazy about it. Ha!

  10. Absolutely adorable!
    Congrats on the house Keshet!!

  11. I love this. I'm doing my own homemade version, inspired very much by you and others. I don't have the "real" album, I'm just sticking stuff down but rounding my corners etc. And I'm pretty much caught up! I can't quite believe it, but I am loving doing it so much.

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