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Monday, April 23, 2012

When your heart is Broken (thinking about infertility)

If you haven't yet, please read this article. I wish I had it to pass around when I was going through infertility.  Reading it took me right back to what that time felt like,and reminded me what comments were comforting and what were painful to hear.  And the whole don't-tell-me-to-just-relax thing? AMEN.

One of the toughest adjustments I had to make in my pregnancy was to figure out how to relate to my "infertility buddies"--to back off? to offer support? to explain what worked for me in a helpful way, but not a boastful way? to not mention the baby at all? I still don't exactly know how to navigate this.  If you know me and we discuss this issue, please don't be afraid to tell me what you need, and what helps or hurts you. Because I would never, ever want to add to your pain.

I shared this layout a long time ago, but I pulled it out again today because it's all there. The pain and the bitterness and the longing of those days, the sadness each and every month.

Are you going through infertility? If so, what would YOU add to this article? And if you love someone going through this, how do YOU handle it?


  1. One of my closest friends went through a long period of infertility- I don't know if I was very helpful- I just kept repeating that it will happen eventually not to give up. I will read that article because I certainly don't want to hurt anyone either. Beautiful page by the way- so great that you were able to capture your feelings and that now many have been resolved.

  2. beautiful page! kudos to you for being able to scrap about something so difficult.

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful layout and the excellent article. It took us four years to conceive our daughter and we are facing the reality that a second child is not on the cards for us now either. We had no real reason ever given for our difficulty in conceiving so we are back to square one this time around too.we are so grateful for our little girl though and would not have changed our journey for anything as she was the result.

  4. what a great article. i have not gone through infertility, however I have had many friends who have and i understand from their experience, it is such a painful thing. learning how to be a good friend is so important. tis this!

  5. I would add to this article that you shouldn't dismiss infertility. Don't treat it as if it wasn't a harmful medical condition. Granted, it's not life threatening, but it is life changing.


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