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Monday, April 2, 2012

Four days away....

We are now a mere FOUR days away from Passover, or Pesach as it's called in Hebrew. Four days, people.

Why do I keep emphasizing the length of time? Because this is quite possibly the craziest time of year for Jewish families. We go through all of our food, organize it into "kosher for Pesach," "not kosher for Pesach" and "really not kosher for Pesach," which is basically anything like bread and crackers (that we then get rid of). We clean our entire house top to bottom, and scrub our kitchens to make them kosher for Passover cooking. We also spend a little bit of time dreaming of the wonders of matza pizza and those awesome toffee-bar-things I made last year. Mmmmm.

After that, we cover our entire kitchen and dining area with tinfoil and block off all of the cabinets that we aren't going to use for the holiday. We haul out the storage bins that contain measuring spoons, platters, spices, oven mitts, and everything else we used for Pesach last year.

We pull out the haggadahs we use at the Passover seder, especially the one I use, which has the most detailed illustrations.

To top if off, S and I are doing all of the food shopping for the seders and holiday meals, and I'm trying to get the munchkin and myself outfitted in nice springy clothes for the synagogue.

And did I mention all of this needs to get done in the next four days?

We did take a few minutes to re-watch The Prince of Egypt.

Have you seen it? It always reminds me of the purpose behind the holiday. I love the scene where everyone walks out of Egypt towards the desert, awed by the events of the day, cautious in their new freedom. It reminds me of the miracles I've seen in my own life.

So if I'm a bit scarce in the next few days, you know why. And if YOU have any questions about Passover (or if you have no clue about half the things I'm talking about), feel free to ask!


  1. That pizza is making me drool a little over here... Looks good! Thank you for sharing about Passover. I really am amazed at people who strictly follow what they believe... be it religion, culture, a way of life, or all three mixed together. It is inspiring and interesting and I love getting a peek inside. So again thank you for teaching me something today. :)

  2. The food looks sooo good-- making me hungry!

  3. i love seeing this peek into your life...hoping you can get everything accomplished. i know how challenging things like this can be with the addition of a newborn! how special though for you as a family of three!

  4. That pizza does look good, especially because I'm sitting here super hungry! Thanks for sharing your traditions and way of life, it is very interesting to learn about something different from my own traditions and beliefs. I hope you get everything done that you need to do for the holiday. :)

  5. I am trying not to go to pesach crazy here. My parents got my older son that haggadah several years ago, and my younger one just asked for his own copy. They love it.

  6. I was just reading Exodus today! Have a fun four days! :)

  7. Enjoy your first Passover with the little girl, Keshet!

  8. No tinfoil in my kitchen but I just finished making the seder menu. :) Getting excited!
    Hag sameah, Keshet, to you and your beautiful family!

  9. If it makes you feel any better, I'm turning my home topsy-turvy right now for that other holiday that happens this weekend. My in-laws are coming, and our house is SO not company-ready right now!

  10. amazing! enjoy it with ellie! :)

  11. Sounds like so much work! But for a good reason :)

  12. Wow Keshet you will be BUSY! I know this year will be much different getting ready for it because you also have a little baby to take care of but it will be a memorable one since it's your first with her! Good luck doing it all & still having a great holiday!

  13. Keshet, Sounds busy, it's actually pretty busy if you are a Christian too. Apparently from Palm/Passion Sunday (last Sunday) to Easter Sunday (this coming one)there is the potianal for 27 different worship services.
    I love that you share your Jewish traditions, I've learned alot. I will be going to my first ever seder dinner on Thrusday with my Nana and am looking forward too it.
    Thank you for sharing, the info you have shared has grounded my faith with better understanding of Jesus b/c he was Jewish.
    Enjoy this Passover season with your little girl.
    I do have one question: Why the tin foil??

  14. Sounds like a super busy season for you! Good luck getting it all done and enjoying it too! Do you have special platters, tools etc that you use only for this time of the year? Why do you block off certain cupboards right now? What is the purpose of the tinfoil? Is it just to make clean up easy or does it have something to do with making things kosher? I love how open you are with sharing your traditions and beliefs. Thanks for educating all of us who love to read your blog. :)


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