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Friday, March 30, 2012

right now...

Right now, I am...

Reading this book

(And finally going to the dentist after putting it off for over a year, and getting increasingly love-lorn "where ARE you?" phone calls from the dentist. Can you tell I have a bit of a phobia here?)

Admiring the cuteness of this munchkin

Making some big decisions (more on that later)

Going to the doctor with my main guy and little lady (sadly, it was for some shots)

And taking some new family photos

I've been very lucky that S gets five WEEKS (five weeks! y'all!) of paternity leave, so he is at home with Ellie while I go back to work for now. It's made the transition so much smoother, and I love that he is really getting to know her well!

Life is a little too busy for my tastes right now, but full of good things. I'm pondering what plans I want to make for the future, and what commitments I want to let go of for now. Is anyone else terribly bad at saying "no" or even "not now" to things?

How do YOU balance those decisions in life?


  1. You guys are so cute!!

  2. she is adorable!!
    i must admit...i didn't have a hard time saying no when my kids were little b/c i was SO dang tired!!
    it will all work out for you, i am sure!
    good luck with everything :)

  3. Great photos Keshet. I terrible at saying no. I always think I'm going to hurt people's feelings. The times that I do say no have been very liberating though.

  4. Listen to your heart girl. The answers will come to you. And they all get to be tougher questions after you become a mommy... let it be and don't forget to breath. :-)

  5. Lovely photos and your little girl is so sweet!
    I'm often very bad at saying "no" to things that I really should!

  6. Awesome photos Keshet - oh that little baby is a cutie! I hated taking mine for those shots - I would cry worse than they did. So glad you guys are adjusting to your new life :)

  7. Great photos! She is so precious :)
    So great that he gets five weeks paternity leave, too!
    When I had my first baby, we were so fortunate because I worked for the Parents as Teachers program doing home visits with parents and their little ones.
    So I could schedule evening and Saturday visits. That way my husband could be home and he got some amazing bonding time with Evan!
    I will always be grateful for that :)

    As for saying no, I guess I have just learned that even though my head says yes sometimes, I have to listen to my heart. I just ended a dt position because the store closed. And I started looking around right away for another to try out for. But then really listening to myself, I realized that I kind of liked the break. And with so much going on at home right now, it was better not to take on the responsibilities at this time!

  8. love seeing the pictures of you guys growing up together!

  9. Love the little update.
    While life is sometimes overwhelming with commitments, I do try to keep that to a minimum. There are always people who look like they are able to do so many thing well (work, spotless home, run the shul fundraiser, etc...),and it's hard not to want to be that way sometimes. But I know that I lose it pretty quickly if I am overwhelmed. I'd rather do 2-3 things really well, then do lots of things, and be tired and cranky and stressed out. Because when that happens, the first people to bear the brunt of that will be my family.

  10. You all make such a cute family :)

  11. how cute is she in that adorable green jacket!!!!

  12. I've gotten much better at saying no as I've gotten older. As your life becomes filled with precious gifts like children and family, and your time becomes your most valuable "possession", you learn fast!


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