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Friday, March 2, 2012

My week in pictures

As I was printing my Project Life photos for last week, I figured I'd share them with y'all! This week has been full of crying, crying and more crying (mommy and baby both) so I'll spare you the details and focus on LAST week. Ha!

A mommy self portrait:

My mom and siblings were visiting last weekend, so we spent Sunday with my grandparents. Little E was dressed up for the occasion, naturally.

While my family watched the baby, S and I went to our favorite restaurant for lunch and ordered our classics--portobello cream cheese sushi (I came up with it to replace fish when I was pregnant, and it's AWESOME) and ravioli funghi and salad. Mmmmm.

I've been finally organizing Ellie's closet and I'm loving all of the PINK!

Little ladybug feet. . . . .

This was a new mommy "first" for me. Our synagogue coordinates two weeks of meals for all new moms, so this was my first Shabbos making my own food. I was a bit nervous, but E cooperated very nicely. She must have learned in the womb that Fridays are crazy enough without lots of crying.

{meatballs and garlic bread--it was Italian night here at the Starr house}

I tortured my little one a bit by dressing her in a frou-frou headwrap. I love the crazy face she's making here. Totally that "Mom what are you DOING?" look. Ha!

And last but not least, another photo of my mush:) We took her out to lunch at a friend's on Saturday and she looked SO cute, but alas, we don't take photos on the Sabbath. I just might dress her in it for a photo shoot one of these days.

What was the best moment of YOUR week? (Or worst--we're open here:))


  1. LOVE the headwrap!
    She is just so amazingly precious!!

    And you look wonderful!!

  2. Best moment - getting to gab with you on the phone! Little Ellie is so adorable!

  3. Love the photo that is second from the bottom - so cute!

  4. Oh I could eat her up!! So precious!

  5. wonderful photos, can't wait to watch her grow!

  6. Look at that cutie bug! I just want to cuddle her. :)
    Love all your photos.
    Though I can honestly say that my daughter is 16 months old and I have come to dislike pink quite a bit. Lol! I'm surrounded by it. SURROUNDED!

  7. I love the hair bow headband...sooooo cute!

  8. Love the pictures Keshet - the head wrap photo is hysterical! What a sweet girl. Hope you have a better week ahead :)
    Lots of challenging moments, but one of the best of the week - seeing a loss on the scale - that was pretty great. Hoping for more of those :)
    Be well!!

  9. Love the pictures. Wanna squish her cheeks!!! So cute!

  10. Your sweet baby is SO PRECIOUS! I love all the pink and the sweet little bow! Give her lots of cuddles for us! xoxo's

  11. You are SO cute! And so is she. :) :)

  12. Beautiful, beautiful photos! We all have hard weeks like this week, but I hope this week is just as easy and smooth as last.

    Aren't pink, girly things SO much fun?

  13. Great photos and adorable bebe! The great part of my week was finally getting back into scrapping and entering a bunch of challenges!! I'm your newest follower! :)

  14. Great pics! I found your blog from the book "Scrapbooking Workshop" at my public library.

    The worst part of my week was going back to work after my maternity leave. It was so hard to leave my little guy!

  15. Such a great post, Keshet! Love all of E's outfits! Hope you are doing well.

  16. Not a great week here either BUT seeing pics of Miss E made it better:)

  17. I have got to get a frou-frou headwrap just like that for myself!!


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