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Friday, March 16, 2012


Life is full of transitions, especially right now.

This week, I went back to work--my first time leaving Ellie for more than 3 hours in a row. It was hard. Not always in the ways I expected; it would hit me when I walked in the door, late at night, and in the middle of the night (something about 3 am that lends itself to existential crises). I'm so fortunate that my work has been understanding of my role as a new mom and let me cut back my hours, and that makes this much easier. But still, it's a new chapter.

I've also been thinking about the transitions to this blog. It went from a story of infertility, a cautious pregnancy, and now? I suppose it's a mommy blog. I don't want this space to be a source of pain for anyone. I don't fully identify as a mommy blogger yet, either. I'm trying to figure out how much Ellie and motherhood will come into this blog. Any feedback appreciated;)

It's funny to think about how much has changed in six short weeks. I feel much more confident as a mommy (at least most of the time). I can see that this gig is way harder, but also way better, than I had thought.

I can't believe we've gone from this:

to this:

in just a few weeks.

And to add in one more transition, I have a scrapbook page to share with my Scarlet Lime kit from this month!

I'm in love with all of the new Dear Lizzy goodies--and, as always, accordion flowers.

And teeny little ladybug feet. I adore that striped ribbon from Pink Paislee's Nantucket line!

What's been YOUR biggest transition lately?


  1. oh my goodness - I ADORE that layout - so beautiful!!

  2. i'm on the other end of it right now, my kids are in school all day, the needs have changed. i'm trying to deal with that. today is tough.

  3. Sweet pictures and cute layout!

  4. Love your layout, Keshet! Good luck with this transition. We have a lot of them going on right now too!

  5. so sweet!!! wishing you the best!!!

  6. I can guess that getting back to work is a hard thing but it does give you some "grown up" time!!! I just love hearing about your little person, cute photos.

  7. Back to work is so hard. I'm glad you get to reduce your hours. Love the layout!

  8. Congrats! I didn't realize you had your sweet bundle. Best wishes!

  9. my difficult transition is from work mode to kids home from school mode and it happens daily! ;-) but it's all good...I say blog about whatever you want to blog about, if it's spit up that works or so does layouts!

  10. oh, she's so darling! i think your blog should reflect you, and now that you're a mommy, that is an integral part of who you are!

  11. She is such a sweetie! :)

    I am going to have both of my children full time in school this upcoming fall.
    For the past ten years, I have had at least one child home with me most days.
    Not quite sure how that transition will go for me yet :)

  12. I love the sweet pics of you and Ellie. Very precious.

  13. Wonderful page!!! I'm LOVING that photo and the colors you used are so incredibly cheerful. I tend to write out whatever I'm feeling at the moment but I understand your need for privacy- sometimes people will feel free to give advice and make remarks that aren't very helpful so it';s a balance but I love hearing how other Mom handle the day to day challenges of parenthood-especially when it's done with a sense of humor and love. :)

  14. very sweet page - and I love the photos!!!! My biggest transition lately has been going from mommy of 2 to mommy of 3 :)

  15. She looks so much like you! You two are so adorable.
    What a precious layout. Love the accordion flowers.

  16. Oh, Keshet! Transitioning and changing priorities are top 2 on the list after embracing mommyhood. You are doin just good! I promise you it would get better...I'm surprise you went back to work early, for me it took 4 months, and I was crying the 1st week leaving lil' H. Goodluck.
    Love the LO, btw! Cheers.

  17. Great post, Keshet..funny how mommyhood does this to us over and over and over again. We have to redefine our roles CONSTANTLY as our children grow and change...my biggest challenge right now is to "let go". My oldest DD is now 16 and driving and it's so hard not to worry about her...way harder than worrying about when and if she'd ever sleep through the night, although I know we spent countless hours worrying back then!

  18. super cute, super cheery!

    my biggest challenge has been a healthier lifestyle. it's amazing how much thought it requires. making decisions for my children doesn't feel as hard as this!!!

  19. I was talking to my mother-in-law this weekend about her current transition (selling the house where she lived for 20 years with her husband and moving to a new house as a widow) and how it is just like when you have a new baby. You know that the change is a good one, it is progress and moving along with your life...but it is also still hard. It is hard to find your new normal. But you will! {{{hugs}}} That transition to being a working mom is hard!

  20. What a sweet sweet layout! My daughter is 3, and oh how I miss those tiny little baby feet :)

  21. Keshet I know I'm late to this (I've been away from blogland for a while) but I wanted to say that I've always thought of your blog as a scrapbooking blog done by a really cool, authentic and very creative person who happened to be going through infertility, pregnancy and now motherhood. You were just being you, and you are a wonderful, interesting person living your ordinary-extraordinary life. Please just keep being yourself and sharing your creativity with the rest of us.
    As for big transitions... I could write a book about that topic!

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