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Monday, October 7, 2013

First Day--October 2013

One my favorite blogs, Journey to Josie, has a link-up each month of "First Day" posts, showing glimpses of the first day of the month. Since I LOVE recording "Day in the life" type posts, I figured I'd play along!

So here is a day in our lives--Tuesday, October 1st.

After I pray, the first thing I do each morning is check my email, in case I get a "don't come into work today" email. Which has happened exactly once in my life. But still--don't want to drive all the way in to the city accidentally, right?

My partner in crime is usually digging through my office drawers while I do this.

(She was probably asking for a cookie here.)

Once Steve gets home for morning services, I eat breakfast and try to read a blog or two with a cup of coffee.

Afterwards, I use my phone to say the Grace After Meals.

Gotta love technology these days!

Once I get to the office, I first start off with my beloved to do list.

I had a good, busy day of meetings and phone calls. It passed by quickly!

A selfie on my way home:

And then, I drive back over the George Washington Bridge and head to daycare to pick up my Ellie.

She usually entertains me (and often asks for cookies) on the ride home.

I love heading home to a (hopefully) clean kitchen at the end of the day.

Doing some pre-dinner tidying....

After almost an hour of playing and hanging out, it's time for THE BEST, aka dinner.

Ellie is in that toddler phase where dinner is NOT EASY. Everything must be just so--the banana partially peeled, the strawberries unsliced, the cheese stick only PARTIALLY unwrapped from the plastic. She will ask for things and then wave them away with an imperious gesture, and then demand other things in toddler language which I don't understand. So it's a loooooong 20 minutes.

Case in point:

While this excitement is going on, I prepare a spinach lasagna for dinner.

Then, we relax on the couch for some much-needed reading time,

Which continues with Daddy when he gets home.

After bedtime and dinner, I put in an hour or so of menu planning for Shabbos and the upcoming week

And then, finally, time to relax and get ready for bed!

Have YOU ever recorded the first day of  your month? How much does it change over time?


  1. Looks like a great day! I will need to check the menu planning app, maybe I can involve my older kids and it will become less daily tourture. Just realized that you probably live in NJ! We moved 2 months ago to Fair Lawn from WI. Still adjusting ... :)

    1. We are in Elizabeth! How are you liking Fair Lawn so far? Which shul do you go to there?

  2. I have yet to document a day like this, but it's on my list! Love lists!

  3. Great daily snaps, I have done a day in the life a few times now and love looking back at them :)

  4. Great pics! Loved the peek into your day! I should do this now and then!

  5. I'm jealous of your kitchen. It's beautiful. We live in an apartment and the landlord is not so great about fixing the things that need fixin. I swear I could never post a pic of my kitchen but it's just my right now kitchen, not my forever kitchen :) Thanks for a peek into your day.

  6. Awe, this was a sweet post! I found you via Molly Stillman's blog, http://www.themollybuckley.com, and after I read this post thought, "wow she might really enjoy Ali Edwards' projects" - although understandably you may not have the time to do her projects but this post was along the same lines... http://aliedwards.com/2013/10/week-in-the-life-2013-bringing-it-together-video-overview.html

    1. I was JUST thinking that her Week in the Life project is pretty similar! I should try it one of these days!

  7. Oh Toddlers and dinner time. My girl is almost four and still this picky. I thought I was doing something wrong :) LOL guess not! Happy First Day!


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