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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Masks, Candy and a Scrapbook Page

This past weekend was a Jewish holiday called Purim. One of my favorite holidays EVER. Although I think it will be way more fun with kids one day!

Costumes are a big part of Purim! While S and I were lame-o in the costume department, we did decorate some animal masks at a synagogue dinner, as seen above. Not bad, eh?

Another Purim tradition--which I LOVE--is sending out gifts of food and treats to friends. It's awesome because (a) each package comes wrapped really cute, often with a theme--our neighbors did a numbers theme, we did a school one, complete with brown paper bags and juice boxes and (b) You feel loved.

Oh, and (c), you end up with your dining room table covered with candy. I probably should have mentioned that first.

Finally, on Purim we eat these three-cornered cookies called hamentashen which connect to the story behind the holiday. S and I had so much fun making these and filling them with every possible filling I could find in the pantry: a few kinds of jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and numerous combinations of the above.

And the finished product (some exploded in the oven, but you get the idea):

And now that you're wondering what sort of blog you happened upon, here's a scrapbook page!

This one, about my grandmother, has been mulling around in my head for a while. I love Studio Calico's new Anthology line and used it below, plus some little tidbits from the January and February kits.

Whew. And that's all folks!

I want to get to know my readers more! What's your favorite holiday?


  1. Great post! I loved reading about the holiday and your traditions. And, what a great LO!

  2. Love the way you did that title on your layout! Interesting traditions....looks like you were having fun!

  3. Food and costumes, sounds like a great holiday to me! Great page too, so beautiful.

  4. Beautiful layout! Love the title work!

  5. oh those look sooooo gooood! i love your layout, too...it's beautiful, love how you did that title

  6. I just learned about Purim last year from my bible study class. Sounds like a wonderful celebration.

  7. How fun! The cookies look delicious!
    Love the title work on your page-beautiful!

  8. beautiful page, and i'm glad you had a wonderful holiday. =)

  9. Sounds like a fun holiday! Great layout, too. Just gorgeous.

  10. Great layout! I love any time that involves everyone being over(birthdays, family dinners)

  11. hey, i LOVED hearing about your holiday. what a special day. love your page!

  12. I couldn't find your email, so I thought I'd respond here. We did a study of the book of Esther. We even had the cookies one day. :)

  13. Uh yeah, that sounds like a fabulous holiday! The chocolate filled cookies are making me hungry

    I really love Christmas, always have.. :)


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