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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Suffering and Reward

For those of you wondering, there will be a scrapbook page at the end of this post.

But in the meantime, I have some negative feelings to express:

I hate the dentist.

Now I know there isn't any such thing as "the dentist." They are real people, with thoughts and hopes and desires. You may know them and love them. They may even be reading this blog.

Truth is, I know and love some dentists myself. I like the human being behind the coat, but I do NOT like having sharp metal objects put in my mouth. I also do not like being told that my wisdom teeth have to come out. Or that anything in my mouth has to come out for that matter.

Just making the appointment was a big step. But I decided to pace myself--when they asked me to schedule more appointments at the end, I responded with, "Let me call later." Which really means, "I'm joining the Witness Protection Program, so don't try to find me." I hope they got that message.

That appointment has been part of the "week of pain," aka spring break. Other highlights include getting blood drawn. Yuck.

So, to reward myself today, I went to Crumbs.

Don't those look good?

Another photo for your edification.....

My own special cupcake.

I also got some of these pretty numbers at Ann Taylor Loft. Spent so much money that I'm agonizing about returning something, and plan to never shop again.

Or maybe I'll just join the Witness Protection Program and kill two birds with one stone.

And finally, here's my page! I need to work on the cropping--can anyone recommend a good free program?

The page documents my thoughts about marriage as a mix of these "high," super connected, spiritual moments, and the run-of-the-mill work of daily life. Thoughts?

Hope everyone has had a lovely day (and enjoyed St. Patrick's Day if you celebrate it)!


  1. Ohhh, I LOVE the Loft!!! I too have done the guilt return there!

    Check put Picnik for a free online photo program. It's awesome!!! Lots to do there. LOTS!

  2. Your layout is so pretty!!! I'm not a big dentist-fan myself. My daughter just had her wisdom teeth removed. She said ouch. I said ouch to the bill.

  3. Love, love the pages. Brilliant.

    I despise the dentist as well. And needles? I'm just terrified - totally lose my mind - I've been known to kick.........

  4. Hey there! i am enjoying reading your blog- You and your husband are adorable:) i WISH i would have scrapbooked when my husband and i were newly married, That layout is truly a treasure!!

  5. I use Picasa. It does lots of different editing plus you can store your pics there. You download it to your computer, it is not an online website you use (although Picnik is nice too I like having it on my computer) I think it is SO easy to use. I have been using it for years. I understand about the dentist I HATE it and need to make an appointment myself. :(

  6. Cute, cute dress!!!! Don't feel guilty ; )
    I use Picasa too! LOVE it!!! It's super easy. Just Google picasa. They have a Mac version as well. Good luck with it!

  7. I love Photoshop elements for a lot of things. Love the frills on the layout!

  8. photoshop is also my fav.
    I also hate the dentist, but boy do I wish that we had a crumbs, and really don't take back the clothes, we all need a treat and I bet your hubby will tell you that you are worth it...

  9. I hate going to the dentist too. The pictures are fabulous and all look so yummy! Great page too! :)

  10. Amazing page, and I'm with ya on the dentist...UGH!

  11. You're not alone in disliking the dentist. I avoid the place like the plague. If they call, I don't answer. Laugh. If they ask me to make an appointment, I tell them that I need to check my schedule first. I have good reason to be afraid of them too - I've had nearly ten teeth pulled since childhood and enough cavities to break the bank. I thank my dad everyday for my awful teeth. I don't know who's teeth are worse, his or mine? Laugh. Oh well, at least I have semi-healthy teeth, eh? Can't imagine living with dentures..and I don't ever want'em. No way. Love the photos :) Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Fabulous page and those yummies are simply divine!

  13. Great, great pages! I use Picasa for most of my edits and it is free online!


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