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Friday, March 12, 2010

True Confessions: Scrapbook Style

First, I have a layout that I'm SO excited to share. Unfortunately, the light is terrible today.

Instead, here are some of my deepest, darkest scrapbooking secrets:

1. I still use sticky photo corners. I know, I know. They leave bits of wrapping everywhere and don't even work that well. But old habits are hard to break and the runners seem to run out so quickly!

2. The first scrapbook I ever made was in a magnetic album. Oh, the horrors! And I haven't moved it yet.

3. I have these vellum alphas I bought YEARS ago in my stash. I don't use them and I don't even like them, but for some reason I can't purge them!

4. I admire the people who "stop by" for a few scrapbooking items "every 6 months or so." I am not one of them.

5. I've only made a few pages in my wedding album. And I've been married a year and a half.

6. I used to be REALLY anti-kits. Now I spend just about all my money on them. So much for strong opinions.

7. Whenever I make a page, my husband says he likes it. But, being the difficult wife that I am, I ask, "Well why do you like it?" So the poor man has to come up with stuff like, "I really like how you used that border punch thingy. It adds a lot." He's very long-suffering. But hey, at least I make dinner, right?

8. Speaking of border punches, the first time I bought one it took me HOURS (plus a very nice piece of paper!) to figure out. That sliding technique has taken hard work and practice!
9. My bathroom sink is decorated with a rainbow of misty residue.
10. I bought this Cosmo paper FIVE years ago and didn't use it because I thought it was too pretty. I still have it, still like it, and STILL haven't used it. Oy.

11. I didn't know what "Cosmo" WAS five years ago. Or two years ago, for that matter. I'm a long time scrapper, but apparently I had my head in the sand for a while there. A long while.

So, there you have it. Now don't tell anyone!

What are YOUR true scrapbook confessions?


  1. Your secrets are safe with me...heehee!!!! :)

  2. Hi Keshka, I enjoyed your scrapbooking confessions soo much!!! the one about asking your husbend "why he liked your layout" just made me laugh out loud...so funny :)

    One scrapbooking confession would be that I have been subscribing to 3 different kit clubs every month for over a year now (SC is by far my favorite)and have like 6 intact packages from each one (blushing here)...LOL..But, Im working hard on getting them used ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, I really appreciate it...Ohh another confession Im green with envy that you live 10min from an IKEA...LOL

  3. A wonderful read - you're a very creative writer and I love what you share via your blog :) I truly enjoyed myself here.

    If I had to come up with only one scrapbook confession, I'd have to say that I secretly visit at least one scrapbook store a week. I can't bare the feeling of not knowing if something new is available and I'm not there to partake in it. I love new stuff :)

  4. I shouldn't be laughing because I can relate to way too many of your points!!! Love how knowledgeble your husband is becoming over scrapping issues!

  5. I love all your confessions!!! I used to use those adhesive tabs for the loooongest time too. But now I keep getting adhesive in goodies boxes, and have enough to last awhile. And it's gotten me away from the tabs, which as you said really aren't that good. I hate spending money on adhesive though when there are so many more fun things to buy. It took me awhile to kit on the kit bandwagon too :)

  6. I love your wedding dress! :)
    Have a blog giveaway! That is a great way to purge old stuff. You can feel good about giving it away.
    Now you have me curious to see your new layout!
    Scrap confession, hmmm... I cut the backs out of all my papers that are covered by big photos in a layout-- I cannot bare to lose out on using the pattern again!

  7. These confessions made me laugh . . . especially number 7! I can relate. After five years of scrapping, I'm still trying to train my hubby to say more than just "very nice" when I show him my layouts.

  8. Love, love the confessions! I have many, many embellishments that I just adore, but don't want to use, because then they would be gone... Yeah, figure that one out! Thank you for all the chats about DT/pub stuff. It is great to have someone else to share with! Glad to be getting to know you! Here's to having fun1

  9. Well your ahead of me... I've been married about 1 1/2 years too and I haven't made ANY pages for my wedding album. I have so pictures, it's a little overwhelming.

  10. oh my goodness... how did i miss this post. had me laughing out loud! :) i'll have to think up my secret scrappy confessions... (or just dig out some layouts from 10 years ago. that should be frightening enough!)


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