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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweet and Sour


Starting off with sour, because sweet should always be left to the end!

As many of you scrappers know, there are a lot of design team calls at the moment. And like many of you, I tried out for one. And didn't make it. And was sad.

The "industry side" of scrapbooking has really been a double edged sword for me. On one hand, there's nothing as gratifying as reading comments on your layouts or packing up a page you love for its 15 minutes of glory. But on the other hand, there's nothing quite as deflating as noticing your phone not ring. Or not getting that "We want to publish your layout" email.

So what to do? I'm aiming to get better at not taking it personally. And trying not to think about it until time passes and I remember it really isn't that big a deal.

This was my second DT attempt, and I must say, I think I'm improving! Not one hour of sulking and I was scrapping happily again!


On a totally random note, I bought a gumball on Sunday. I felt about 4 years old and awesome.

And another Baker's Dozen layout (Studio Calico's February kit).

My second layout as of now about Dunkin Donuts, while I have yet to finish my wedding album. Oh well. Gotta follow the mojo--which apparently likes donuts.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a spectacular rest of Tuesday night!


  1. Hi - I found you via the SC forums - and I had the same sour experience this week, too. I submitted for 4 this month and so far, it's no go for 3. (I'm not feeling very hopeful about #4, either.) I am glad to have the experience under my belt and always remind myself of the real reason I do this & love this hobby.
    Love your DD layout, btw!

  2. that is disappointing, hang in there!

  3. Don't give up! The rejections are hard to take, but eventually you'll get there, and it will be worth all the hard work. I love your layout today, girl. :)

    Oh - and that bubblegum machine pic makes me feel warm and bubbly all over. :)

  4. It's a great page! Don't give up. Retail therapy works well to drown the disappointment. :) I've been there, and it's not personal. People are chosen in this industry based on their track record and reputation, rather than if they had "the best project in the try-out". Do you understand what I mean? Jennifer McGuire gave me this advice when I was starting out-"Great work gets you in the door, doing what is expected of you, delivering great work, on time, keeps you in the door." Hang in there.

  5. LOVE that layout. I agree with the others don't give up!

  6. Your style ROCKS girlie so hang in there! Another awesome layout and lovin the gumball pic!

  7. Well, I just LOVE your layout. Great style. Don't give up!

  8. what am awesome page!!!! And yes the rejections are tough, but keep at it!! Eventually someone will realize they can't live with out your layout!!

  9. i think we have all been there. don't give up!!! and i loove your layout...that is my fix, too ;) they have the waffle sandwiches right now...YUMMO!

  10. I know that feeling well! There are a lot of people trying out for the same few spots. Keep at it. Ali E has a great post on getting real about scrapping. Great page btw! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Sorry for you disapointment :o(

    LOVE the gumball machine, and great layout K xxx

  12. i'm sorry...and i bet your time will come! i tried out for one just to get out there LOL. i guess it's just perseverance!!!!!!

  13. Thanks for your comment Keshka - I'm in Middletown - I went to Kean so I'm very familiar with Elizabeth. Keep up the great work - your pages are beautiful!!

  14. I feel your disappointment, been there many times and it does hurt. It is interesting how many times I have been disappointed and then learned there was a good reason I really didn't want what I had tried out for. LOVE your layout.

  15. Hey girl, I seriously LOVE this page!!!

    I've had my fair share of non ringing phone's too. :( Which made me eat lots and lots of chocolate and I can totally say I cried over it all too. Don't give up though :)


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