Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scarlet Lime!

So, can we discuss how it's suddenly mid SEPTEMBER?? Last I checked, August had just started. Sigh.

This confusion does, however, explain why I have yet to share my Scarlet Lime layouts with the August kit!

The main kit (still available!) is chock full of fun new Amy Tan products, especially my favorite thickers from the release--woohoo!

This layout is fairly self-explanatory. I like cinnamon buns.

I've been really into vertical punched borders lately, so I broke some out for this layout. (How cute is the orange camera sticker? I have to be careful not to hoard the fun embellishments in this kit!)

And a close-up.....

The Frugal Fab kit has some brand-new Pebbles goodies in it, and I loved the mellow, summery colors. (You can buy the kit right here.)

Apparently, I was hungry while working on my DT layouts, because I"m starting to notice a theme here:)

And last but not least, I whipped up this layout to record a really fun day at COSI (a science museum in Ohio--anyone been?) with my sister.

I loved the pink woodgrain Pebbles paper so much, I was afraid to use it, but thankfully I got over that fear:) The Basic Grey rub-on pack added some spark and whimsy!

Phew! A little late on these, but hopefully all of you nice blog friends will forgive me:)

We just got back from our Florida vacation, which was fantastic, and I'm slowly digging myself out of a very tall pile of emails and post-its. In case we haven't discussed this before, by the way, I have an unhealthy obsession with post-its. I buy them in megapacks and probably use at least 10 a day. As a conservative estimate.

I should probably work on that habit one of these days. I'll write myself a note;)

Are YOU as neurotic as I am with notes? Or am I just crazy?

PS--You can still enter the giveaway in the post below! I'll choose a winner Thursday.


  1. Fellow post it note freak here too - love those darn stick things! They keep me sane! Love your pages this month - fabuloso!

  2. Okay!!!
    You have to stop the food always make me so hungry.... I will short circuit my keyboard from all the drool (ewww did I really say that LOL LOL)
    I make lists on itty bits of paper which I leave in pockets then forget to check said pockets when I do the wash!! I am not too bright!!!!!

  3. I really love your "more, please" LO! Those Thickers are great!

  4. these are all wonderful, I cant even pic a fave. I have a huge dry erase board and half is a calendar and that thing is my life! If it's not on the board it's not getting done lol.

  5. Gosh, I wonder why you're so hungry! lol! ;)
    Super cute layouts!

  6. On the September thing - I KNOW!!! I went to get my kids up this morning and realized that it was REALLY still dark outside. Not just predawn gloom but actually dark!

    I have like dozens of those notepads with the magnet on the back that are supposed to stick to the fridge for quick notes and the maintenance of the grocery list - instead they are scattered about my house. And a large chalk board.

    Love these LOs!

  7. Really, really great layouts! I think you have such a bright and cheery style always :)
    And so funny that so many are of food.
    I definitely know what you mean about it being September already. It just doesn't seem possible!

  8. Your layouts are all fabulous.
    As for the food theme, yummy :)
    As for you note fetish, yup I write notes/lists every day, many times a day.
    So I think it is normal, teehee.

  9. These are great! Love them all!! :)

  10. LOVE these keshet!!!! you make me smile :)

  11. Love all of them, especially the Family one. Plan to scraplift it soon ;-)

  12. Love all of them and your food layouts rock... I think breakfast is calling me now... Hugs and thanks for sharing.

  13. Note-taking is a very helpful occupation! And of course you are hungry, you are pregnant right!?

    Your layouts look great! i really love the font work on that last one.

  14. I tend to want to hold onto and not use yummy new product sometimes too. But I'm forcing myself to use it lately. These layouts are alot of fun and I love that you scrapbook food!

  15. I love home made cinnamon buns, too. My recipe is quite long and complicated, so I don't make them that often.
    I love all your layouts, especially the last one.
    I write myself many notes each day, too. Not on post-its, usually. Just on lots of pads, and scrap paper.

  16. fabulous work!! I like cinnamon rolls too~those look so good!!

  17. Great layouts Keshet! Love all of these!

  18. Your layouts are always so much fun. Bright, cheery and FUN. I love that you write notes on them. Just the other day, I was looking back at some scrapbooks I've done for my kids, and what I enjoyed most was reading what I had written down.

  19. Wow! Those cinnamon rolls make me want to back immediately! Love the layouts!

  20. Amazon sent me a link to may Flaum's book and there it was online in the table of contents, your name! Super excited for you , I can't imagine the joy and pride ! Good for you and thanks for being a inspiration for us! xoxoxo I can't wait ot see your actual pages in the book. :)

  21. So said so done (I said I was going to scraplift it and I did!).


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