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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Write Click Scrapbook September!

It's time for a new gallery over at Write Click Scrapbook!

The theme this month was near and dear to my heart--BOOKS!

I used a Studio Calico kit for this one, which is a good thing, because they have been piling up like no other! The combination of travel + baby sleepiness has really done me in this summer. But I've been making slow and steady progress on the kit front:)

The journaling on this layout reads:

I have always loved books, and still do. I love reading a mix of book types and genres—from fiction to social commentary to history to biography to mystery to historical fiction to chick lit. I often feel so happy and myself when wandering through a library or bookstore from section to section. Truly, I love it all.
Here's a little close-up for ya too:

I broke out my beloved Martha Stewart 3-in-1 butterfly punch for this, as well as my new Dewey Mr. Huey (try saying THAT five times fast), which has become my new most favorite mist ever.

Check out the rest of the month's gallery HERE!

Do you like to read? What's YOUR favorite book?


  1. Very pretty layout- the little touches of buttons and butterflies make it perfect.

    I " love" to read any and everything. My favorite books, I couldn't pick just one, are Of Mice and Men and The Lilies of the Field. I have read both too many times to count.

  2. I love your layout! You could have written my journaling in regards to books. I love all kinds of genres, too. Take care of yourself and your precious baby! :-)

  3. loving those butterfly details. And I am soooo with you about books. I can never get enough.

  4. love this keshet! and you're asking an english major her favorite book? sigh. just can't do it. but pride and prejudice, gone with the wind, cold sassy tree, & anne of green gables always come to mind :)

  5. very cute...I like how you layered the butterflies!

  6. Great layout!

    I love going to the library and B&N...love being surrounded by BOOKS!!

  7. Hi!!! fabulous layout. i love the colors and the edge you used.. and that butterfly punch is just wonderful isn't it??? I always use it when I need a little something. it's perfect.

    and favorite book??? hmmm. that's a hard one. I can't pick just one.. I have a lot of them I really like. I'm reading Game of Thrones, book 2 right now.. interesting read.

  8. Cute page! Love the little envelope. I love to read! Too many favorites, but one of my current favorites is State of Wonder by Ann Patchett.

  9. Love this & love books so much! What would we do without them?

  10. I was finally able to post a comment using name/url. I'm not sure why nothing else is working. Blogger is driving me crazy with the comments thing. I hate not being able to comment.

  11. oh - i love that mr huey!
    my fave book for the moment is the sweet by and by - probably b/c I just finished it! i love to read too :)


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