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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Challenge Proves--Well, Challenging

Only one day into my new no-scrapbook supplies challenge, and I am sorely tested by this:

It's Studio Calico's new Home Front line. And I want it (especially the dress pattern paper). Real bad. And it might sell out!

I came THIS close to checking out to buy it, but stopped myself. Because the challenge is, after all, a challenge. And April promised there would be Home Front to buy in January.

I love all sorts of things--scrap supplies, beautiful clothes, jewelry, Body Shop body butters in practically every scent--but I don't want to be controlled by those things. Don't want to feel that my happiness is dependent on something you can put in a postal box and ship via UPS. So I'm waiting.

in other news, finished these two pages last week (or the week before--time is passing quickly!)


  1. Hello, I'm Lisa Le-Ray from Studio Calico! :) I love the new home front line to! I think I heart the lamp better the best! Love your layouts!

  2. Good luck with no new product challenge. That is a doozy. I am feeling like I need to do something like that too. (Popped in from SC). Have a great afternoon!

  3. I gave in and ordered the Homefront line. I could not wait til January. Sometimes you just gotta have it...kwim??

  4. i love those pages!! and i totally understand the no new stuff challenge - it's easy to get overwhelmed by it all.

  5. great pages. and i applaud your no buying moratorium. i did that last year for a few months and my layouts from them are super creative :) good luck


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