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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life Marches On....

Here are a few new layouts to start off...

This one is about my mom, who I don't see very often since my family lives in Ohio:(

This next one has become one of my favorites! Inspired by an Ali Edwards page, I recorded a typical Day in the Life for Steve and I. This felt especially important to do now, since in less than two short months Steve will be done with law school and off to the working world! I will follow four months later, and then these days of schoolwork and hours of research at Starbucks will be a thing of the past.

The Studio Calico calendar paper in the October kit was the push that finally got me to make this page.

A few days ago, my friend had a "bachelorette party" on the West Side--ie, dinner with friends. Since the dinner didn't begin until 9pm and I pretty much become a MESS if I don't eat on my regular schedule, Steve and I went to an early dinner.
Some photos of us at Noi Due, our new favorite restaurant. It's the first place I've had gorgonzola cheese since I started keeping kosher years ago!

Played around with Rollip yesterday--a site that turns your photos into polaroids and adjusts the coloring. Kept me very entertained!
Here are some results:

Last but not least, the scrap supplies moratorium is going strong! Although I do have plans to reward myself--on my list right now is a Big Bite. I got some gorgeous brads with Studio Calico's November kit, but I can only place them within one inch of the edge of the page! Anyone know of any other options to hole punch anywhere on a page?
Since I'm new to this whole blogging adventure, I welcome feedback. Is there anything you particularly like or don't like to see on this blog?


  1. Just push the brads through with your hand or if they are really tough, you "could" make a small incision for them with a craft knife..at least that is what I do..I love your "polaroid" snapshots! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. You can always use the old hammer and hole punch method, altough I'll admit I love my Big Bite ;) Love the day in the life layout!

  3. I saw your post about no one commenting. I feel like that too. But slowly you will get a following but if you are like me you want it now! lol.. Love your layouts btw especially the day in the life great bright color combos for paper. I look forward to more posts.

  4. Ok so I htink I might have gotten my blogs confused as now I don't see your post about people not commenting... if I got confused nevermind. :D I tend to do that easily trying to multi task real work with catching up on 200 blogs I follow :D sorry either way :D

  5. Loving your Rollip pics!!! Don't you just love what that site does for your pics?! It totally makes me feel like a waaaay better photographer than I know I ever will be! LOL! Anyway, with brads anywhere on the page I just go for my craft knife and cut a tiny slit anywhere I want. This can be tricky if you have a ton of layers but usually it is pretty easy. :D (And a whole heck of a lot cheaper than a big bite!) HTH!

  6. No worries, Angela--You are on the right blog! But you're right, it can get confusing!


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