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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I just finished re-reading this book by Rochelle Krich. If you like mysteries, you will love it! It's the third in a series following a very likeable sleuth who also happens to be an Orthodox Jew! It's a fantasic intro to Orthodox life, and this book contains powerful insights into Jewish theology.
I am always looking for book recommendations, so if you have any, pass them on!
On a separate note, I'm excitedly awaiting the new Studio Calico kit for November, which should be here on Monday. I was a bit wary of committing to a kit club at first, but I've really fallen in love with SC--the kits are beautiful, well put together, and very usable.

I also just received some goodies from October Afternoon's Farm Fresh:

I've been doing a lot of scrap shopping lately, and decided I need a little break. I'm getting a little over-saturated with stuff and want to focus on just using what I have. So I'm challenging myself to no scrapbook supplies for the rest of November. I know, it's a little sad that I need a blog challenge to not buy supplies for three weeks, but that's what it is!


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