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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little Happy Things

I had a busy, but wonderful, past couple of days.

Explored an exciting potential job opportunity.

Picked up these lovelies from Ann Taylor Loft:

Which is especially exciting because I have been looking for clothes for MONTHS and haven't found any! The turning point came when I separated my clothes and scrapbooking budgets--I just wasn't willing to part with any scrapping money, it seems:)

I made a couple new scrapbook pages:

And, one of my pages was featured on the Studio Calico blog! Which happened shortly after my meltdown in the previous blog post:)

I've noticed that it's very hard to predict which layouts will wow an audience--at least for me. There are some I LOVE that no one seems to notice and others I wasn't even going to post that ended up being popular. Hard to guess!

This Shabbos, we're having a couple with a baby stay over--in the scrap room. A little nervous as to how the scrapbook supplies + baby combo is going to go, so any tips are welcome!


  1. Love your posted layouts! I have noticed the same thing about posting layouts. You just never know which ones are going to be over loved. I think the only important thing is that you love what you do. Any additional comments and praise you receive is like frosting. :o)

  2. I LOVE those shirts! Seriously I am going to have to go check them out. Cute LOs also :) SMILE!

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