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Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is where the Magic Happens

I had always dreamed of having a scraproom of my own, and that dream became a reality when we moved to our current apartment in Elizabeth. My husband was so kind as to let me have a WHOLE room to myself, paint it blue for me, and set up furniture. Reason #28654 why I married him:)

This room doubles as both scraproom and guest room--hence the daybed, which works well as a couch for Steve while I'm scrapping, a place to hold random stuff, and a guest bed! The bottom drawer pulls out to a second bed, as well.

I am loving this Ikea Expedit--I'm very into open storage. If I can't see it, I won't use it.

Two more pillows have been added to the daybed in the picture above--so it looks more filled out:)

I wanted a giant, clean space for my scrap desk, and I got it. Love the drawing-board feel.

I love storing embellies in pretty clear jars--cute and functional!

My growing paint collection, which lives on top of the Expedit. In the months since this photo was taken, they have been joined by a sewing machine, threads, and mist. So it's gettin' a bit crowded up there:)

Love girly and feminine touches like this cake plate! I use it to store odds and ends--things that really inspire me and that I don't want to forget to use!

I haven't really USED these chipboard letters, um, ever. But they do look pretty!

I LOVE my paper chest above. Saw something like it on a two peas gallery, and searched for ages, but couldn't find anything like it to buy. In the end, we took an Ikea TV stand, added extra shelves, and made it into this baby!

I got this Clip It Up cheap on ebay and love it! Most of my ribbons are American Crafts and don't have any holes in the center, so traditional ribbon storage didn't work for me. With this system, I can organize spools and scraps, and add some color to my room!

So there you have it.....my little spot of heaven.


  1. Your room is GORGEOUS! I love the soft colors on the wall and that daybed is so comfy looking! I also love your ribbon holder and paper holder!

  2. Your room is great...clean, organized, and with just the right amount of color! I love it!

  3. Keshka, what a beautiful scrap space! I love the white furniture and may have to look into some of that here soon. I'm curious about the TV stand which now holds your paper. Where did you get the extra shelves for it? Would you mind sharing? Thank you!

  4. This is so yummy! I LOVE the color of the walls!! With white furniture and a touch of brown and pink. Oh, sweet niblets! Adorable! :D

  5. What a fabulous room! I love the colors.


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