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Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Chanuka and a Toot!

A holiday focused on oil--need I say more? I'm enjoying Chanuka so far! Had some delicious donuts this weekend--3 donut halves, actually--I guess they do add up!

Some new layouts from last week--the one above is of my friend's quasi-bachelorette party-dinner a few days before her wedding.

This next one below is the result of a very happy coincidence! I was planning on doing a layout about how much I love Jane Austen, and then realized that the paper in one of my Studio Calico kits was the text of Pride and Prejudice! I was very excited, and made the LO below:

And finally, a wedding layout. At the rate I'm making these, I should be about done by my golden anniversary. But hey, some progress is better than none!

I also have a little toot-- one of my pages is getting published in the January issue of scrapbook.com! Now, you'd think that would completely erase all the insecurities I discussed in past posts---but it doesn't. The same way that when I was just growing into myself as a young teenager, any number of comments that I looked pretty didn't make me feel beautiful. It just has to come from the inside.

So here's to developing a "scrappy self esteem"-- a belief that YOUR work is beautiful and valuable. It can only come from you, no amount of comments or pubs will satisfy if it doesn't. Easier said than done, but something I'm aspiring to.


  1. Ooh, great layouts! Don't you just LOVE that Pride & Prejudice paper? My eyes still boggle every time I see it. Miriam @ Collage Press initially had just used the text as a filler until she could find a more holiday-oriented text to go alongside the rest of the Joyride collection, but we all just raved about it. I'm glad she kept the P & P text!


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