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Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Scrappiness

Some new pages from last week.....

This one below is an ode to some delicious mini apple pies I made several weeks ago. Loosely lifted off a page from SBE 2 years ago by Cari Fennel. Used mostly a combo of October Afternoon and American Crafts here, which seem to be my go-to swoon-worthy companies lately!

And speaking of American Crafts--how do y'all like the new Letterbox line? I'm really pumped for it, and will have a little giveaway with Letterbox soon, so stay posted!

Page below is another ode (seem to do a lot of them lately!), this time to suburbia. A suburban girl at heart, I am spending a lot of time in Manhattan lately and am really missing the open air, trees, big box shopping, you name it. Snapped ths pic at my husband's mom's home in Philadelphia on a beautiful fall day....

This one below is more personal. My husband and I have been dealing with infertility, and I've started scrapbooking about it as a cheaper alternative to therapy:) I wanted to make this page light and happy to express hope. Want to be able to turn to it at a disappointing moment and be uplifted.

How have you used scrapbooking to help you through difficult times? Do you avoid tough issues in your pages and foucs on the good, or tackle them head-on?

This next page records the very first time I misted--and I certainly wasn't shy! I used Collage Press die-cuts as a mask and a lot of Studio Claico stamps throughout. Can't decide if it's "too much" for me or not, but enjoyed the experimenting!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Your layouts are all beautiful. I try to scrap both the good and the bad. The trials and disappointments are also important parts of our lives. ;)

  2. I love them all, I especially love the last one! :)

  3. Awesome layouts!
    And I desperately want to get my hands on some letterbox. The colours are so soothing.

  4. Well, first, I have to say that your pages are just lovely! And yum is right on that first layout!

    Second, I am so sorry that you are battling infertility. I suffered from secondary infertility for 6 years, and actually had an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage after our first round of IUI. We finally had our second child (with a little help) almost 6 years ago now. I've scrapbooked a couple of pages of my journey to motherhood. One of them is here:

    Email me (lindarodriguez8205@sbcglobal.net) if you ever want to *talk*. IF is a difficult road to be on. :(

  5. Love the layouts! Especially the last one with all the misting! Just brilliant! (Now I wish I could get a hold of more Collage Press!)

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