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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

That was yesterday for me. Began with heavy rain, then an email from a professor that made me think I had missed a deadline and was going to fail law school (not that such a thing is really possible at this point--but it's my go-to-panic every time!), then a bad headache, and then a lack of hot water! By that point, I was NOT happy, and my poor husband had to very patient when he was probably marveling at what a crazy lady I had become. Sigh.

Luckily, the day got better at the end. How could a day ending with chocolate and the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice not be considered ended well? And yes, my long-suffering husband agreed to watch the six hour edition with me!

Some new layouts to share from Studio Calico's December kit, Orchestra. Now this kit freaked me out initially--too much black and red, funky colors, etc. But I've been having a good time playing!

"Sibling Love" features a photo strip from a trip I took with my siblings to Disney World. You wouldn't guess it from the photo, but I spent most of that trip crying hysterically about a breakup with my boyfriend. Ruined Disney World, the cad.

This next one is self-explanatory (and I don't want to test your patience if you've read this far:))

I hope your weekend was just lovely! And if not, feel free to vent to me!


  1. glad your day got better! Beautiful layouts!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love yours!!! Your layouts are great too!

    Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  3. Hey, your layouts are lovely! And you can email me that recipe at livingroomfloor [at] gmail . com.


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