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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Whole Point

Lately, I've been feeling stressed out about scrapbooking. I post my layouts, and then care too much about what response they get. I submit to publications, then care too much about if they get picked up. And all that caring has made it harder to just feel the love of creating.

What's the solution to this malaise? I'm not sure what it will be for me, yet. Not sure if publishing and designing gigs are really the best goal I should be working towards. But in the meantime, I got a good lesson this weekend about the point of it all.

I found an old album I made at the end of high school documenting what school was like. Brought it back from my parent's home in Ohio, and sat down to read it Friday night after dinner.

It immediately brought me back to high school--I could practically taste the soggy lasagna from the cafeteria. I remembered so many little details I had forgotten. By the time I closed the back cover I had laughed to the point of tears and given my husband greater insight into who I was back then. It was wonderful.

Now the thing is, this album was old-school Creative Memories. It would not have won any awards in the "cool design" department (There are smiley-face sneaker stickers represented. Need I say more?) And yet, I loved it. Because truth is, I have never regretted writing down a story. And I don't think I ever will.

And that's the whole point.


  1. I agree with you on the caring too much! I have found myself wondering at moments. It's tough when a certain style seems popular, and it's not my style. I have submitted to magazines but never been picked up. I have posted layouts and not received a single comment on them. Does it mean that I am not good enough? Tough question. In the end, I aim to be happy with my layouts, the stories I am recording and friends that I make. I appreciate your honesty with your post! It is refreshing! I will now follow ;) Hugs!

  2. Oh what a fabulous post! and great words of wisdom for all of us! I worry too much too, and am not sure what my creative goals should be. YOu give me some good things to think about. :0)

  3. oh, keshka! love it. i love your pages. keep on scrapping no matter what response you get. they are for you!

  4. I just came to say thanks for the tips on the Slice, but I found your post really moving. Fortunately I haven't (yet?) fallen into the trap that you talk about, but I can totally see how it can happen. I hope you can get back to doing what you do for YOU, and if stuff gets picked up or lots of comments, then that's just gravy.
    The comments thing is tricky. Sometimes I post layouts on the SC gallery and get raves; I post the same layout at 2Peas and NADA. Not even a single comment. So there's really no method to that madness.
    Also I love your layouts! They are simple but not plain, and colourful and lively and... just really pretty.

  5. I think your work is sensational, and I felt that way too last year until I started just submitting things that I had made already. A kind of if the shoe fits philosophy. No stress and a sence of self pride. Do what you love and good things will happen.

  6. you are SO right ! what matters in the end is the story you tell! and the albums you create are for you and your family ! btw I like your last LOs, very colorful !


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