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Friday, December 18, 2009

Pre-Shabbat Musings

I've been reading up in Pioneer Woman's blog, and it makes me want to (a) move to Oklahoma and raise cattle, and (b) learn how to use Photoshop. Real bad. Unfortunately, neither of these things seem to be in my reach....

Nothing too exciting here today. Panic attack in the morning when I slept an hour and a half past my alarm, LOTS and lots of cooking, a donut and iced latte at Dunkin' Donuts (despite all my earnest desire to exercise and lose those 3 pounds that are making my suit skirt ride up. Humph.) Now am finishing up the final things on the to do list, then to make myself presentable for Shabbat. What to wear, what to wear.....

I'll leave you with some new layouts. The one above is about our favorite restaurant, the one below is from a friend's wedding.

Sorry for the awkward spacing--if you can make google blogger stop hating me (a nice Christmas gift, perhaps?) then do let me know!


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